Permanent Jewelry FAQ

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry is more accurately described as 'Claspless Jewelry', as each piece is individually tailored and fused onto the body - but it remains 'permanent' only until you choose to remove it. Occasionally, clients inquire about Permanent Jewelry with a somewhat uneasy misconception that it involves piercing or tattooing the skin, which is not the case! We always assure our Permanent Jewelry clients that they can remove the piece whenever necessary or desired, and it can be reattached by welding or by adding a clasp at any point, transforming it into a conventional piece of jewelry.


What are the chains made of? 

Our chains are crafted from sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, or 14k gold materials, ensuring durability for everyday use and a lifespan that can endure for generations.


What is gold - filled?

Gold-filled jewelry is created by mechanically fusing solid gold to a base metal, typically sterling silver or brass. The gold layer is substantial, securely bonded to the base metal through pressure and high heat, ensuring no flaking or peeling. With proper maintenance, gold-filled jewelry can maintain its quality for as long as solid gold pieces.


What if my chain breaks?

Our chains are crafted from premium materials designed to withstand daily use, yet delicate enough to be removed for safety reasons. Permanent jewelry doesn't imply indestructibility; rather, it denotes a clasp-less design. Any jewelry piece can be vulnerable to damage when subjected to opposing force. Should your piece become snagged or break, we will make every effort to repair it for you. However, please be aware that we do not offer replacements, reimbursements, or refunds for lost chains.


Do you take walk-ins?

We recommend booking an appointment through our website. Walk-ins are welcome, but we do not guarantee a member of our team will be available to weld at that time. Pop in and see, or contact us directly. 


Can I go through airport security?

Yes! The TSA doesn't mandate the removal of fine jewelry during security checks. You can confidently bring your jewelry along on all your travel escapades without any hassle.


Can I wear it in the shower, pool, ocean, etc.?

Absolutely! That's the joy of jewelry that you can wear continuously! Our chains are designed to accompany you through all of life's exciting adventures.

We've observed that sterling silver styles may undergo oxidation when exposed to improperly chemically balanced pools or hot tubs. However, a gentle wipe with a polishing cloth or a quick scrub with a baking soda and water paste using a soft brush is all that's needed to restore the original sterling shine.


Can I get more than one piece during my appointment?

Our chains are beautiful solo or stacked. We are happy to custom-fit as many jewelry pieces as you wish. Please allocate one 30-minute appointment per one to two pieces, as it takes a few minutes to consider how the pieces layer and move on the body.

For bookings involving multiple individuals, please be aware that we can accommodate up to two people per time slot.


Do you host private events?

Absolutely! We love hosting in-store and home parties and offer incentives to groups of 10+ who book a party. 


How long does the welding process take?

We book 30 - minute slots to allow time to custom fit the chain to your wrist, then use a specialized welding machine to weld the bracelet in seconds. It is simple, fast, painless, and safe.


Who should not get Permanent Jewelry?

We recommend anyone with a pacemaker, or history of allergy to nickel or precious metals not get a permanent piece. 


What happens if I need an MRI or X-ray?

We recommend consulting your doctor or imaging technician for guidance. If removing the jewelry is required, we do offer re-welding for a $15 fee.