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Permanent Jewelry - Appointment Booking & Deposit

Permanent Jewelry - Appointment Booking & Deposit

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Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry is more accurately described as 'Claspless Jewelry', as each piece is individually tailored and fused onto the body - but it remains 'permanent' only until you choose to remove it. Occasionally, clients inquire about Permanent Jewelry with a somewhat uneasy misconception that it involves piercing or tattooing the skin, which is not the case! We always assure our Permanent Jewelry clients that they can remove the piece whenever necessary or desired, and it can be reattached by welding or by adding a clasp at any point, transforming it into a conventional piece of jewelry. We have a selection of chains to choose from in sterling silver, 14 karat gold filled and rose gold filled. 

Upcoming Appointments: 

June 8th from 9am - 7pm: The Quality Hotel In Corner Brook

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Sterling Silver

Bracelet $80

Anklet $85

Gold Filled

Bracelet $90

Anklet $100

Rose Gold Filled

Bracelet $100

Anklet $110

( Deposit comes off final cost and are non-refundable ) Please note this service is final sale and we do NOT issue refunds.

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